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Old Fashioned Opulence from the People’s Princess

Over the months of preparation there had been much talk amongst the press and public alike as to whether the modern royal couple would buck royal tradition entirely. However, it was clear right from the outset that when it came to the ring, this was a couple ruled by old fashioned glamour and sentiment, as William proposed with his late-mother’s breath-taking diamond encrusted sapphire. Retailers selling jewelry have since noted a marked rise in the amount of couples keen to reject the previously popular diamond solitaire and embracing the alternative resplendence and historical beauty of antique rings.

Can Antique Assets Lead to Luck in Love?

With antique jewellery having become a popular choice with engaged couples or those attracted to the treasures of a vintage era, the aesthetic beauty of a piece is only the start of the story. From Ancient Greece to the Victorian era, gemstones and precious metals have long been thought to have special properties. Be they healing and health related or luck and love bound, your precious stones could hold their own hidden treasures.

Diamonds Are Forever

It’s no surprise that this wedding favourite is thought to represent innocence and constancy, remaining a popular choice with the traditional bride. Disappointingly for the more new age couple, the Diamond is felt to have no specific healing qualities. However, it is thought to enhance the energy contained in other precious stones and so another type of gemstone placed in a cluster of diamonds could be a suitable choice.

Amethysts: For the Boozy Bride and Gregarious Groom

Rather amusingly the word amethyst comes from the Greek word meaning ‘without drunkenness’ and is thought to instil a sober and clear mind! Slightly more seriously, the amethyst is thought to protect the body from poisons and promote a peaceful sleep. Natural healers suggest sleeping with an amethyst under the pillow can help with insomnia and night terrors. So, if you want to be able to think clearly and get a good night’s sleep on your wedding day, maybe this is the choice for you!

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Emeralds: For the Lucky in Love

Old wives tales tell us that the Emerald is unlucky and suggests that grooms give it a wide berth when choosing a ring for that all important proposal. However the Romans claimed that the Emerald was the sacred stone of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Modern, new age thinkers also support this view, as the Emerald is said to promote faithfulness, harmony and love. It is thought to heal matters of the heart and build bridges between a couple when the stone is purchased with feelings of love specifically in mind. Rather than being unlucky for love, perhaps the Emerald is one for the true romantics.

Sapphires: Money Talks

Sapphires are said to induce mental clarity and perception whilst also boosting the likelihood of financial rewards. Perhaps this is a stone for the practical couple who have a less starry-eyed outlook on love and embark on their married life together with a balanced sensible outlook. This couple may also appreciate the stone’s monetary value, so might need reminding to show off their jewels rather than hiding them in the safe!

Red Hot Rubies

Rubies are felt to be the most powerful gem and if worn on the left hand their properties are said to be all the stronger. Representing strong sexual love and vitality, the ruby ultimately breeds contentment and peace. Linked to the blood, healers suggest that rubies can have a positive effect on circulation and aids in the ridding of infection and germs. The ruby is certainly the red-hot choice for couples seeking lasting powerful love.

With lasting value in monetary and sentimental terms, when it comes to antiques, buying and selling jewellery has never seemed more like discovering hidden treasure.