Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy a diamond over the internet?

At G3 Jewelry, you are not buying directly from us. We refer you to only well established internet sellers, with great reputations, and with Better Business Bureau seals of approval. Your merchandise is shipped full insured, and it is 100% refundable if not satisfied.

Why are you so much cheaper than my local jewelry store as well as other internet sellers?

We are primarily a wholesale diamond broker. We have connections with the largest wholesale diamond sellers in the world. These connections, as well as our negotiating clout means we can offer cheaper prices than both local stores, and other internet sellers.. Because of our extremely high volume, and low cost of doing business over the internet, we can pass these saving along to you.

Are you diamonds enhanced or treated in any way?

G3 Jewelry does not deal treated or enhanced diamonds. They are 100% natural. It is illegal to sell these diamonds without full disclosure.

Do you charge sales tax?

Unless your order is shipped to an address the sell is in, they will not collect sales tax. Like any other mail order company, they are only obligated to collect sales tax for the state where they have a location. We are confident that you will voluntarily pay the appropriate sales tax to your state government if due.

Why is a GIA grading report so important?

Allow us to explain about certificates. The simple fact is all jewelers cannot sell the same diamond for the best price, but they still must make it appear that way. Thus many other certificates exist that are far from accurate, and it appears you are getting the same grade diamond, for much less money. In the end, the real question is, just because some certificate states the diamond is a certain grade, will GIA agree?

Most likely not, thus these other certificates can be discounted quite substantially, depending on how inaccurate they are. Nothing wrong with buying a certified stone that is not GIA, as long as you understand this, and pay accordingly. It is also ESSENTIAL that you get the original certificate with the diamond, not at a later date.

How can I pay for the purchase?

You can pay via Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, as well as bank wire transfers. Please notice on the diamonds it is approx. 2.50% cheaper to pay via bank wire. Merchants have to pay the bank this percentage to accept the credit card, by using bank wire, we can pass the savings along.

How do I send a bank wire?

A bank wire is a direct transfer of funds from your account to ours. You usually must visit a branch to sign an authorization, and the charge is normally about $15. You simply provide your bank with our routing and account information, and the transaction is normally done within an hour or two.

Are items returnable if not satisfied?

At G3 Jewelry, we only refer you to merchanst who have a policy to give a 100% refund if not satisfied for any reason, with the exception of shipping costs. The merchandise must be postmarked within (7) days of receipt, and returned in original condition, along with any associated certificates.

If you choose to return any items, just call or email the merchant to inform them of the return. It’s that simple! If you need more time than the (7) days, in most cases we can have this policy extended, just request this when ordering.