The Splendor Of A Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


What can you possibly think of that looks more fantastic than a big, bold, solitaire diamond engagement ring?
Because let’s face it, a solitaire engagement ring, particularly when its set with a luscious diamond, is a spectacular sight, particularly when its parked firmly on YOUR finger.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings remain the most popular choice for brides-to-be. And it’s no wonder. A sparkly diamond should be allowed to sit proudly by itself, so it can show off all its sparkliness to the world.

But a solitaire engagement ring doesn’t have to have a diamond all on its own, you can have the band set with diamonds, or other stones of your choice. A diamond solitaire engagement ring simply means that the central diamond is on its own.

The most popular setting for a diamond solitaire is the prong setting – either four or six prongs that firmly hold the diamond in place. This setting allows the diamond to sparkle brilliantly because the light is able to penetrate from all sides of the diamond.

Other settings are available for solitaire diamonds, like a bezel setting, which forms a rim or collar around the diamond to hold it securely. The bezel setting tends to make your diamond look smaller, and doesn’t help it produce as much radiance, but it’s a great setting for active on-the-go people because it sits flatter than a prong setting and protects your diamond.

A newer style for solitaire diamonds is the tension, or invisible setting. Tension set diamonds rely on the tension in the metal to hold the stone in place. Tension set diamond solitaire engagement rings allow the light to pass right through the stone, creating a brilliance not seen in many other settings.

Round diamonds are still the most popular choice for solitaire engagement rings, but because your diamond gets to be the center of attention, every diamond cut looks spectacular when allowed to hog the limelight. Pear-shaped, Asscher-cut, emerald cut or brilliant cut diamonds – the list goes on and on – all look wonderful when set as a solitaire.

To design a diamond solitaire engagement ring that you know is going to be spectacular, try’s Create Your Own Engagement Ring design service. You can create a solitaire diamond engagement ring in any shape, size or design that takes your fancy, and fancy is what you want your solitaire engagement ring to be.

Regardless of the setting you choose or whether or not you’d like to have diamonds set into the band of your ring, or whether you want your beautiful diamond to go solo, a diamond solitaire engagement ring gets to take center stage, just like you will on your wedding day.

There are some fabulous diamond solitaire engagement rings available online. Shop around and have fun!